Enabling sustainable visits

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Enabling sustainable visits

Soft cover
281 pages

Mathias Cöster (red.), Sabine Gebert Persson (red.), Owe Ronström (red.)

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A large number of destinations around the world are struggling with the delicate balance of developing tourism and the hospitality industry in a sustainable way. The challenge for many destinations is to find a way forward, for existing and new jobs, to contribute to economic growth and for the preservation of the cultural heritage. At the same time, with more visitors there are increased risks of negative impact on society, the environment, and, not least, on the cultural heritage that for many visitors is a reason to travel.
This anthology approaches the challenges facing tourism and the hospitality industry by emphasizing insights that can enable the necessary transition to sustainable visits. Through twelve chapters, experienced researchers from different disciplines discuss empirical studies of visits in the broad sense. Their analyses cover central themes in tourism and hospitality studies, i.e. tourism, destinations and destination management, host-guest relations, imageries, representation, and sustainability.